Payees are used in Payroll to define each different company or individual for which the school district pays for the amounts withheld and expensed for deductions and taxes.  Within the Payees option, each company or individual has a record containing specific information, including the name, address, phone numbers, fax number, email address, comments, direct deposit information (if applicable), and other miscellaneous information.

Payees are first defined in the Payee File and then tied to each deduction in the Deduction File and tax in the Tax File.  By tying a payee to a deduction, the system automatically prints a check for the deduction and taxes during the check cycle for the total amount withheld and expensed.  One payee can be tied to two or more deductions (or taxes) in order to print one check to a company for multiple deductions (or taxes).

Note:  In the School Accounting System, all entities with an address defined within the various modules are stored in the Entities Table within the database.  Therefore, a payee with a particular ID is able to also be set up as an employee (in Payroll), employer history (in Human Resources), received from (in General Ledger), ship to address (in Accounts Payable), and/or a vendor (in Accounts Payable) using the exact same ID since it is just one entity, if desired.

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