Human Resources

Human Resources is an add-on module of the School Accounting System and integrated with the Payroll module.  Human Resources is used to track personnel information, including benefit offerings/enrollment, dependents, positions, education, certifications, employment history, evaluations, trainings, family and medical leave requests, workers' compensation reports/claims, and military service.  Within Human Resources, a sick bank for leaves (defined in Payroll) can be set up and withdrawals and deposits made.  Also, checklists can be created and used for employees to track a list of tasks to be completed for various processes (for example, New Hire Checklist).  Human Resources can also be tied to the Negotiations module in order to place employees in the correct lanes based on their degree and additional credit hours (for example, BA + 6 additional credit hours) or position titles (for example, Head Football Coach).  Numerous reports can be printed within the Human Resource module, such as detailed or summarized listings and history reports, and email messages can be sent to employees.

Steps to Access the Human Resources Module

Steps to Getting Started with Human Resources

Human Resources User Guide

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