Payroll is one of the three basic modules of the School Accounting System.  Within the Payroll module, a full payroll calculation can be completed, including the steps to withhold and expense deductions and taxes, print checks and direct deposit stubs for employees, print checks to payees for the total amount of the employee and employer shares of the deductions and taxes, email direct deposit stubs if desired, and create a direct deposit file, if applicable.  Detailed reports can also be generated within the Payroll module to view useful payroll information, such as the employees’ gross earnings, taxable grosses, withholdings, and net check amounts; the distribution posted to General Ledger sorted by employee, account number, or department; and the amounts paid by each employee and employer for each deduction and tax.  Within the Payroll module, the necessary reports for filing the state retirement report, the state unemployment report, Quarterly 941, and Employee W2s can also be generated and printed at the end of each month, quarter, or calendar year.

Steps to Access the Payroll Module

Payroll User Guide