Received Froms

Received Froms are used in General Ledger with cash receipts to define the organizations or individuals from whom the school district received money (funds).  Each received from has a record containing specific information, including name, addresses, phone numbers, fax number, email address, and other miscellaneous information, such as a description and account number(s) to use as defaults when entering in cash receipts.

Note:  In the School Accounting System, all entities with an address defined within the various modules are stored in the Entities Table within the database.  Therefore, a received from with a particular ID is able to also be set up as an employee (in Payroll), employer history (in Human Resources), payee (in Payroll), ship to address (in Accounts Payable), and/or a vendor (in Accounts Payable), using the exact same ID since it is just one entity, if desired.

Steps to Add a Received From

Steps to Change a Received From

Steps to Delete a Received From


Steps to Combine IDs

Steps to Convert IDs to Alpha