Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are entered into Accounts Payable to record the products or services that will be (or have been) ordered from a particular vendor and have been granted the necessary approval for purchase.  Purchase orders include all the necessary details for the products or services, including the descriptions, item numbers (if applicable), quantities, prices, and the appropriate account numbers from which the products or services will be expensed.  Once purchase orders have been entered into the system, the purchase order forms can be printed and submitted (or emailed) to the vendors to place the orders, if desired.  

When a batch of purchase orders is posted, the applicable detail line items are encumbered in General Ledger to track the district’s financial commitments.  When reports are printed, the encumbrances for Outstanding Purchase Orders can be included in order to help business officials determine the remaining line item budget amounts.  As the invoices and merchandise arrive, the purchase order items can be received within the Receiving option, if desired, and then the purchase orders invoiced for payment within the Invoices option, by simply entering the appropriate purchase order number and selecting the necessary detail line items to invoice.  When the invoiced purchase orders are posted, the purchase order encumbrances are then released, as the amounts move from purchase order encumbrances to expected expenditures (if operating on a cash basis) or expenses (if operating on an accrual basis).

If requisitions are used (entered on the system) prior to entering purchase orders, the requisitions (those that have been approved) can be quickly selected and converted to purchase orders.

Steps to Enter Purchase Orders

Steps to Select (Convert) Requisitions to Single Purchase Order

Steps to Select (Convert) Requisitions to Multiple Purchase Orders


Steps to Copy a Purchase Order

Steps to Correct a Purchase Order Before Posting

Steps to Correct a Purchase Order After Posting

Steps to Delete a Purchase Order Before Posting

Steps to Delete a Purchase Order After Posting

Steps to Email Purchase Orders

Steps to Post Purchase Orders

Steps to Cancel Outstanding Purchase Orders


Steps to Enter Receivings (Receive Purchase Orders)

Steps to Invoice Purchase Orders