Posting Entries

Note:  If the pay code for a time card entry is not set up on the Wages screen in the Employee File for the particular employee and the pay code does not have a default rate and/or default expense account specified in the Pay Code File, a screen will appear showing all entries without a pay rate and/or expense account; after reviewing the list of entries, click the X in the upper-right corner to close the screen.  When prompted again to continue posting the entries, click Yes to post the batch including any entries without a rate or expense account, or click No to cancel and not post so that the pay code can be set up properly before posting the batch of time cards.

Note:  If any information for the current batch displayed on the screen (in the disabled fields) needs to be changed, click the Cancel button and then complete the Change Batch Options to edit the information.

Note:  If the batch is set as recurring (the Recurring Entries field is selected in the batch options), the zero entries (or zero cash receipts or invoices) will remain in the batch, except with budgets, in which case, the zero entries are deleted from the batch.