Crosswalking Account Numbers

  1. From the General Ledger screen, select the Maintenance menu and then Chart of Accounts.

  2. At the Chart of Accounts screen, select the Options menu and then Crosswalk Account Numbers.

  3. Enter the desired account numbers to crosswalk.

Note:  If any pieces of the new account number are not defined in the Reference Files, an error icon will appear to the right of the New Chart of Account Number field after advancing out of the field; place your cursor over the error icon to view which reference pieces are invalid (not defined).  In order to resolve the error, close the Crosswalk Account Numbers screen (without saving the entry) and access the Reference Files (from the Maintenance menu of the General Ledger screen) to define the invalid reference numbers then go back into the Crosswalk Account Numbers option and re-key the entry.

Note:  The number entered here must already be defined in the reference file.

Tip:  After entering the various reference pieces to change, select the Options menu, References, and Chart of Account Number to access the screen where one account number can be crosswalked to another.

  1. Once the desired account numbers to be changed are saved, the account numbers appear in the Account Numbers to Update in Chart of Accounts List on the right side of the screen.

  1. Print the Crosswalk Account Numbers Listing from the Reports menu to verify the account numbers to be changed.

Note:  When printing the Crosswalk Account Numbers Listing, select the New Account Sort report selection to print the old and new account numbers to change sorted by the new account numbers; select the Old Account Sort report selection to print the old and new account numbers to change sorted by the old account numbers; and select the All Old Account Numbers report selection to print all the account numbers in your Chart of Accounts (and not just those selected to be changed) sorted by the old account numbers.

Tip:  The Crosswalk Account Numbers History Listing is also available in order to print all the history information for account numbers that have been changed.  The report shows the new and old account number in addition to the user who changed the account number, when it was changed (Posted Date), and the method used to change the account number (Change Type).  Only the crosswalks or account number changes that were completed after installing the 2004.11.12 update of the Windows version of the School Accounting System and going forward will be included on this report.

  1. Post the account numbers to the Chart of Accounts by selecting the Options menu and then Post Accounts to COA.

Tip:  SUI recommends that all users are logged out of the School Accounting System when posting the crosswalk.

Note:  If there are account numbers that are flagged as duplicates or already existing, a prompt will appear stating the account numbers will be combined and asking to continue with the post; click Yes to continue posting the crosswalks and combining the account numbers, or click No to not post the crosswalks at this time in order to carefully review the account numbers to be certain they should be combined (and if they should not be combined, delete the account numbers from being crosswalked).

  1. The Backup Database screen will appear; make a backup as normal.

Steps to Backup

Note:  A backup must be made or else the system will not continue with the process.

  1. Once the backup has been created, the system will continuing posting the account number changes, and after the process has been completed, a message will appear; click OK.

Tip:  After completing a crosswalk, be sure to verify the masks entered in the following files:  General Ledger System File, Payroll System File, Deductions, Taxes, Account Groups (if applicable), and Approval Trees (if applicable).  Also, if filter records formulas are defined within the flexible financial reports (or other custom reports created in Report Writer) to print only account numbers with certain piece numbers (such as account numbers with a function number of 1111) and those particular numbers were crosswalked, verify and edit the filter records formulas at this time.