Crosswalk Account Numbers

The Crosswalk Account Numbers option is used to crosswalk (change) an account number from one number to another number within the Chart of Accounts in General Ledger.  With the Crosswalk Account Numbers option, an account number to be changed can be keyed one at a time, or a specified reference piece can be entered in order to change a set of account numbers all at once.

As account numbers are being entered into the Crosswalk Account Numbers option, the system checks to see if the account numbers already exist or are duplicates with another account number already entered and displays this information.  If an account number is flagged as "Duplicate" or "Exists", the account number will end up being combined.

Once all the account numbers to be crosswalked are saved within the Crosswalk Account Numbers option, reports can be printed for verification and historical purposes, if desired; and then the new account numbers can be posted to the Chart of Accounts.

Note:  Before posting the new account numbers to the Chart of Accounts, the system forces a backup to be made for precautionary purposes.

Steps to Crosswalk Account Numbers