K12Docs, which is an add-on module of the School Accounting System, is an electronic document management solution with a secure and customizable cloud-based repository.  With K12Docs, documents can be uploaded, stored, and retrieved with ease.  K12Docs includes a default electronic filing cabinet structure with flexibility to create additional applications if needed.

K12Docs is integrated with the School Accounting System to allow employees to quickly add and view supporting documents for cash receipts in the General Ledger module; requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices in the Accounts Payable module; leave requests (and FMLA leave requests, if applicable) and payees in the Payroll module; assets in the Fixed Asset Inventory module; benefits and training events in the Human Resources module; and invoices, prepaid invoices, and payments in the Accounts Receivable module.  If applicable, documents can also be added and viewed for cash receipts, requisitions, purchase orders, and leave requests (and FMLA leave requests, if applicable) from within the Web Link module.

Within the School Accounting System, the supporting documents in K12Docs as noted above can also be emailed, if desired, and the supporting documents for Accounts Payable items can be viewed and emailed from within the Document Inquiry option.  

Steps to Access K12Docs from within School Accounting System

Steps to Getting Started with K12Docs

Note:  If you have not licensed the K12Docs module and are interested, contact our Marketing Department or send an email to sales@su-inc.com.