Leaves are used in Payroll to define the different types of leave (days off work) used by the employees and tracked by the school district.  Leaves can be tied together if one leave reduces the balance for another leave; for example, Family Leave would be tied to Sick Leave if when a unit of Family Leave is taken, it also reduces the amount of Sick Leave available.

Leaves are first defined in the Leave File and then tied to each employee in the Employee File.  When an employee uses a unit of leave, an entry is made in the Pay Period Entries option or the Employee Absences option for inclusion in a Payroll check cycle to subtract the amount used for the leave.  The summary or detail information for the leaves can be printed on the employee check stubs, if desired.  Once the Payroll check cycle is updated, the correct balances for the leaves are reflected in the Employee File.

Steps to Add a Leave

Steps to Change a Leave

Steps to Delete a Leave


Leaves Setup Checklist