Employee Groups

Employee Groups in Payroll are used to define different groups of employees, such as classifications or departments, for report printing purposes (primarily with employee reports printed in Web Link) or for use with entering and/or approving leave requests.  Employees can be assigned to an employee group from within the Employee Groups option, or from the Employment screen within the Employee File in Payroll or Human Resources (if applicable).  One employee can be assigned to multiple employee groups, if needed.  If an employee group is stipulated to be used with approving leave requests, a group manager is also designated for approving the applicable leave requests (those submitted by the employees in the group in which Group Manager Approver is defined as the Approval Type for a sequence on the approval path).

When generating the applicable employee reports in the Payroll, Human Resources, and Negotiations modules, the Employee Group ID parameter can be completed to only print the employees in particular employee groups, if desired.  

Also, users can be tied to one or more employee groups in the User Security option in order to limit the user's access to print reports within the Web Link module for only the designated employees (employee groups), and also enter leave requests for the employees in the selected employee groups.

Note:  There is a standard employee group defined with an ID of EMPLOYEES with all employees selected for use with printing reports and entering leave requests (if applicable), and is automatically updated to include any newly added employees.  The standard employee group, which is not defined to be used with leave request approvals, cannot be changed or deleted.

Steps to Add an Employee Group

Steps to Change an Employee Group

Steps to Delete an Employee Group