User Security

The User Security option, which is only available to supervisors and Web Link administrators, allows the organization to define users who should have authorization to access the School Accounting System and/or the applicable add-on modules.  Within the User Security option, users can be added or changed, and their rights for the various modules and reports can be set.  If desired, screen-specific rights within each module can also be established (or overridden), along with the rights to specific reports if needed.

Users can be set up to have the following rights:


Also within the User Security option, other miscellaneous restrictions can be defined for a user, including tying the user to one or more account groups, vendor groups, and/or ship to addresses.  In addition, supervisors and Web Link administrators can reset a user's password, if needed, from within the User Security option.


Steps to Add a User

Steps to Change a User

Steps to Delete a User


Sample User Setups for School Accounting System


Steps for Supervisors and Web Link Administrators to Reset User Password