Adding an Employee Group

Note:  For any field equipped with the repeat function, click the Repeat button or press the Ctrl+R keys to repeat the previous entry for the specified field.  The repeat function is only available after your initial entry.

Note:  To have the system automatically assign the ID using the first 10 characters (letters and numbers only) of the description, leave the ID field blank; once the record is saved, the ID will be assigned.

Note:  This field must be selected in order for the employee group to be used as part of an approval path for leave requests, based on a specific user approving leave requests for only selected employee groups or a group manager approving leave requests for employees in the group.

Note:  The user specified here will only be included in the approval process for leave requests submitted by the employees in the group for leaves tied to an approval path in which Group Manager Approver is defined as the Approval Type for a sequence.

Tip:  If the user entered in this field is not currently set up in the User Security option with rights to approve leave requests in Web Link (or Payroll, if applicable), a message will appear after advancing from the field asking to add the rights at this time; click Yes to edit the rights for the user now, or click No to wait and edit the rights for the user later.