Pay Codes

The Pay Codes option, which is in Payroll but can also be accessed from Negotiations (if applicable), is used to define the different categories of pay, including both contract and unit (such as daily or hourly) wages, paid to employees.  Pay codes can be set up with a default rate and/or a default expense account (so no matter which employee gets paid with the particular pay code, the same rate would be paid and/or the same account number would be expensed), or the pay codes can be tied to each applicable employee with a different rate and/or expense account specified.  If a pay code is entered for an employee, the pay code is tied to a year to allow the history of pay codes (wages) for past years to be tracked and for the next year’s rates to be entered using the same ID without affecting the current rate.

Steps to Add a Pay Code

Steps to Change a Pay Code

Steps to Delete a Pay Code


Steps to Convert IDs to Alpha

Steps to Define W2 Box 14 Default Order