Adding a Leave

  1. From the Payroll screen, select the Maintenance menu and then Leaves.

  2. At the Leaves screen, click the New Record button.

Note:  For any field equipped with the repeat function, click the Repeat button or press the Ctrl+R keys to repeat the previous entry for the specified field.  The repeat function is only available after your initial entry.

  1. Click the General tab to complete the basic information for the leave.

Note:  To have the system automatically assign the ID using the first 10 characters (letters and numbers only) of the description, leave the ID field blank; once the record is saved, the ID will be assigned.

Note:  Only leaves not tied to a main leave (the Main Leave ID field is blank) appear by default when searching, and can be selected or entered for this field.  

Note:  The Unit of Tracking field is for informational purposes only (it will display on the Leaves screen in the Employee File and when making entries for pay period entries, employee absences, time cards, or leave requests, but does not affect the actual entries for the leave).

Note:  If the field is selected, the warning message displays in Payroll when making entries for pay period entries and employee absences, and in both Payroll and Web Link, when entering and approving leave requests and FMLA leave requests.

Note:  If this field is not selected at this time, a pay code will need to be tied to the leave prior to making any entries for the leave (or this field must be selected at a later time and then the record saved).

  1. If your organization has licensed the Web Link module, click the Web Link Leave Options tab (only enabled if the module is licensed) to complete additional information for the leave.

Note:  This field does not apply to leave requests in any manner.

Note:  This field only applies to entering leave requests (and FMLA leave requests, if applicable) in either Payroll or Web Link; it does not apply to approving leave requests or making absence entries in Employee Absences or Pay Period Entries.

Note:  Once a field has been used with a leave request entry, the Type field cannot be changed.

Note:  To remove a section or remove a field from a section, click the Delete button located to the left of the desired record; when prompted to delete the line (and the data records for any fields that have been used with leave request entries, if applicable), click Yes.

Sample Leave Request Additional Fields Setup