Updating Payroll with Packages

Note:  As a precaution, make a current backup before completing the Update Payroll with Packages option.

Note:  In order to update the overtime rates, the unit pay codes tied to the specified package must have the Overtime Pay Code ID field completed in the Pay Code File, and the overtime pay codes must have already been created for the new year.

Note:  If this field is selected, the system will create entries in a pay period entries batch taking the difference of the pay rate for the new wages less the pay rate of the previously paid wages multiplied by the number of payments (for contract pay codes) or the number of units (for unit pay codes).  Only one entry will be created for each contract pay code (and absence on contract, if applicable) per employee with the amount (difference) in the Dollars field and the Units, Hours, and Pay Rate fields blank.  For the unit pay codes, one entry for each pay code per employee will be created with the Units, Pay Rate, and Dollars fields completed and the Hours field blank.  Only pay codes tied to the specified package (along with overtime pay codes or those defined to use the same rate as the primary pay code) and were in the Employee File at the time of the original payroll calculation will have the retroactive pay calculated.  The retroactive pay entries cannot be created if there is a payroll calculation batch that is unposted.

Note:  If this field is selected and a lane description is not defined on a package (the lane description is blank), the Check Description field will remain as is for the corresponding pay codes.  Additionally, if the Update Overtime Pay Codes field is selected along with this field, the unit pay codes for overtime will not have the Check Description field updated (only the regular rate pay codes will be updated).  

Note:  If needed, to remove a pay code from the list so that contracts are not created for it, click the Delete button located to the left of the desired line in the Pay Codes List; when prompted to delete the record, click Yes.

Note:  If there are not any employees or deductions (the Update Deductions field is not selected) to update for the specified package, a different prompt will appear stating there is nothing to update; click OK.