Add Document Button

 The Add Document button, which is only enabled if your organization has licensed the K12Docs module, is used to upload (add) a document for a specific cash receipt in General Ledger; requisition, purchase order, or invoice in Accounts Payable; leave request (and FMLA leave request, if applicable) or payee in Payroll; asset in Fixed Asset Inventory; benefit or training event in Human Resources; or invoice, prepaid invoice, or payment in Accounts Receivable.

Steps to Add a Document

Note:  The Add Document button is available with the following options:  Accounts Payable – Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receiving, Requisition Entry, Requisition Approvals, Requisition Inquiry (detail), Requisition Status, Purchase Order Inquiry (detail), Vendor Inquiry (detail); General Ledger – Cash Receipts, Cash Receipt Inquiry (detail); Payroll – Leave Request Entry, Leave Request Entry - FMLA, Leave Request Approvals (detail), Edit Leave Request Substitutes (detail), Leave Request Inquiry (detail), Payees; Fixed Asset Inventory – Add New Assets, Asset File Maintenance; Human Resources – Benefits, Training Events; and Accounts Receivable – Invoices, Prepaid Invoices, Payments, Customer Inquiry (detail).  The Add Document button is only enabled if your organization has licensed the K12Docs module and the user logged in has Full Access rights for the particular screen (as defined within the User Security option).

Tip:  If desired, view the tutorial below demonstrating adding and viewing documents.  In order to view the tutorial, you must have an active Internet connection, along with a sound card and speakers installed on your computer.

Adding and Viewing Documents Tutorial