Completing an Employee Check Calculation

Note:  During the "simple" calculation completed with the Employee Check Calculation option, the system ignores any limits for deductions and taxes and any balances, such as contract remaining balances or deduction declining balances.  The Start Dates on contracts and deductions are also ignored; however, the system does take into account the End Dates and Rate Change Dates for deductions (those deductions with an End Date prior to the current date will be excluded in the calculation and the applicable rates for deductions with a Rate Change Date on or prior to the current date are included).  If these more detailed calculations are desired, complete a Test Payroll Calculation instead.

Note:  The Employee Check Calculation option can also be accessed from the Options menu within the Employee File.

Note:  If the tax rates have not been entered for the year specified here, the system will use the most recent year's tax rates that are available.

Note:  If applicable, the Default Rate from the Pay Code File will display as the Pay Rate if the Pay Rate field for a unit pay code is blank for an employee in the Employee File.


Steps to Print a Report

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