Test Payroll Calculation

The Test Payroll option for the payroll calculation allows a user to calculate a payroll in order to generate the reports to view the payroll earnings for a specified payroll batch.  With this option, only the reports can be printed (checks cannot be printed and the batch cannot be updated).

To calculate a test payroll, complete the steps as normal to calculate a payroll, but be sure to select the Test Payroll (No Checks) field.  If desired, to calculate only one person (or just a few specific employees), click the Advanced Options tab and complete the Employee Calculate Options section by entering the desired employees and entering Calculate Only These in the Calculation Option field.  Once the payroll is calculated, any of the Pre-Check Reports can be printed for review.

After viewing all the reports for the test payroll, the payroll batch can be deleted, if desired.  To delete the payroll batch, select the Check Cycle menu and then Calculate Payroll.  Select the test payroll batch by double-clicking on the appropriate batch description.  When the Calculate Payroll screen appears for the selected batch, select the Options menu and then Delete Batch; when prompted to delete the batch, click Yes.

Note:  If changes were made to an employee’s record for calculation purposes only, be sure to edit the information again if needed.

Steps to Calculate Payroll