Completing SSN Verification Service

Note:  You must first sign up for the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) from within the Business Services Online (BSO) website in order to submit the file to the Social Security Administration for verification; refer to the SSN Verification Service topic for more information.

  1. From the Payroll screen, select the Government Reporting menu and then SSN Verification Service.

  2. At the SSN Verification Service screen, click the Report Options tab.

  3. The Employee Selection List appears showing all the active employees.  Select which employees on the Employee Selection List to include in the verification process by clicking the box for the Selected column to the left of the desired employee.  A checkmark will appear in the box if the employee is selected.  To select all the employees listed on the screen, click the Select All button located above the Employee Selection List.  If desired, change the filters to modify the employees displayed here.

Tip:  If desired, to only include those employees who have not been previously verified, change the filter for the Last SSNVS Date field (column) to only show "blanks".

  1. Create the SSN Verification Service file to submit to the Social Security Administration.

  1. Complete the Update Last SSNVS Date option to have the system place the current date in the Last SSNVS Date field on the Employment screen of the Employee File for those employees included on the SSN Verification Service file you just created in Step 4.

  1. Submit the SSN Verification Service file electronically via the Internet by following the steps from within the Business Services Online (BSO) website to submit a file for verifying Social Security Numbers.

  2. After the Social Security Administration completes the verification process, the results can be accessed from the BSO website the next government business day (except during peak periods).  If desired, the results can be downloaded and viewed within the School Accounting System following the instructions below.

Example of SSNVS Results

Steps to Print the Screen

Steps to Print the Grid

Steps to Export Grid

  1. If applicable, make the necessary corrections for any employee with incorrect information entered in the School Accounting System.