Completing Batch Options for Time Cards

Note:  Below are the steps to complete the batch options screen for a new batch of time cards.

Note:  If a unique description is not entered, the system will add a dash and four numbers starting with 0001 at the end (for example, Batch Description-0001) to make it distinctive.

Note:  For accurate results when calculating overtime after forty hours for the entire week, always use the same day of the week as the week ending date for all batches (for example, always use a Saturday).  If the week ending date is always the same, the system will then track the hours that may occur during two different pay periods (for example, if one pay period ends on Wednesday and the next begins on Thursday) to calculate overtime after the forty hours for the entire week, if applicable.

Note:  If the Prorate Overtime field is selected for a batch already containing time card entries, the existing entries will be updated to have the overtime prorated.