Purge Data

The Purge Data option, which is only available to supervisors, allows historical entries or records to be deleted from the School Accounting System database.  

Note:  All users must be logged out of the School Accounting System in order to complete the Purge Data option, and the Prevent New Web Link Logins field and the Disconnect Existing Web Link Logins field must be selected within the Web Link Setup Options option, if applicable.

Tip:  For organizations with the K12Docs program licensed, the Purge Data option does not affect (delete) the documents saved within K12Docs; if a record tied to a document is purged in the School Accounting System, the link between the purged record and the document is removed, but the document (with all its attributes) will still be accessible from within K12Docs in the applicable application and folder.

Steps to Purge Data