Submitting the Quarterly 941 Electronically

Note:  In order to electronically submit the 941 Form (and Schedule B Form, if applicable) to the IRS from within the Quarterly 941s option, first complete the 941 Electronic Authorized Signers/PIN Requests option to add an authorized signer and request a PIN.

Steps to Add a 941 Electronic Authorized Signer and Request PIN

Tip:  The Quarterly 941 cannot be electronically submitted until after the last day of the applicable quarter.

Tip:  The Quarterly 941s for only the second quarter of 2021 and later are able to be submitted electronically from within the School Accounting System.  The IRS only accepts electronic submissions for the current quarter and a quarter within the prior two years.

Note:  All posted payroll calculation batches with a check date within the selected quarter will be included on the 941.  If applicable, the date the 941 was last generated (or regenerated) for the particular quarter appears in the Last Generated Date field.  The check date from the latest payroll calculation batch in the quarter appears in the Last Check Date field.  If applicable, the latest date for when a check was voided in the particular quarter appears in the Last Void Date field.  If there is an unposted payroll calculation batch with a check date in the particular quarter, a checkmark will appear in the Unposted Checks field; all payroll calculation batches must be updated before the 941 can be generated for that quarter.  If the 941 was electronically submitted for a particular quarter, a checkmark will appear in the Electronically Submitted field.  If a 941 that was previously electronically submitted and accepted was regenerated, a second line will appear for that particular quarter with a checkmark in the Regenerated After Electronic Submission field.

Note:  The Submit Electronic File to IRS tab will be disabled if there is not an active authorized signer defined within the 941 Electronic Authorized Signers/PIN Requests option, or if any of the boxes in Part 5 of the 941 for the Paid Preparer Use Only section are completed.

Note:  If the Schedule B was generated with the Quarterly 941 and there is a negative amount included on the Schedule B (for example, from a voided check), a message will appear stating there is a negative amount; click OK and edit the 941 to resolve the negative numbers.  The 941 cannot be submitted if the Schedule B contains negatives.

Note:  The processing time for the 941 submission typically takes several minutes.  In order to see a new alert, the Payroll screen must be refreshed by closing the screen and then re-opening it, or clicking the Refresh Screen icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Payroll screen.