Editing the Quarterly 941

Note:  The following instructions are for editing the Quarterly 941 for the second quarter of Tax Year 2022 (and later).  The process is similar for editing the Quarterly 941 for other years (or other quarters), except the boxes that are available to be edited may vary.

Tip:  A Quarterly 941 that has been electronically submitted and accepted by the IRS cannot be edited; if needed, the 941 can be regenerated and then a 941X form manually completed and filed with the IRS.

  1. From the Payroll screen, select the Government Reporting menu, Quarterly 941s, and Quarterly 941s.

  2. At the 941 Search screen listing all the Quarter Ending Dates for which there is data to be included on the Quarterly 941 (for Tax Year 2011 and greater), double-click on the Quarter Ending Date of the quarter for which to edit the 941.

Note:  All posted payroll calculation batches with a check date within the selected quarter will be included on the 941.  If applicable, the date the 941 was last generated (or regenerated) for the particular quarter appears in the Last Generated Date field.  The check date from the latest payroll calculation batch in the quarter appears in the Last Check Date field.  If applicable, the latest date for when a check was voided in the particular quarter appears in the Last Void Date field.  If there is an unposted payroll calculation batch with a check date in the particular quarter, a checkmark will appear in the Unposted Checks field; all payroll calculation batches must be updated before the 941 can be generated for that quarter.  If the 941 was electronically submitted for a particular quarter, a checkmark will appear in the Electronically Submitted field.  If a 941 that was previously electronically submitted and accepted was regenerated, a second line will appear for that particular quarter with a checkmark in the Regenerated After Electronic Submission field.

  1. A message may appear stating that there is a payroll calculation batch with a check date after the date the 941 was last generated; click Yes to continue regenerating the 941.

  2. The Quarterly 941s screen will appear displaying the appropriate information for the specified year.

Note:  If using Option 2 to record the EFTPS payment (see EFTPS Options), or if you write payee checks for the Federal taxes through Accounts Payable (instead of through Payroll), Box 13a will reflect the amount of taxes calculated for the payrolls in the quarter; verify and edit the amount as needed to be the actual amount paid during the quarter.

  1. Click the Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3 tabs to view all parts of the Quarterly 941 and then make the desired changes.

Note:  This number will include each different employee paid throughout the particular quarter.

Note:  If a change is made to an amount, be sure to tab out of the field or click in another box so that any totals will be updated with the new change.

Note:  As a reminder, if the Schedule B was generated with the Quarterly 941 and there is a negative amount included on the Schedule B (for example, from a voided check), edit the amounts as needed on the Schedule B in order to remove the negative amount and account for that difference in the correct place.

  1. After all the changes have been made, click the Save button.