Check Setup - Payees

The Check Setup - Payees option is used to define the format of the checks and direct deposit (and automatic payment) stubs issued to payees in Payroll.  The check measurements, margins, fonts, check print positions, and stub information are defined within the Check Setup - Payees option.  If a signature image is used when printing Payroll checks, the necessary information is also entered in the Check Setup - Payees option; for step-by-step instructions on using a signature image, refer to the Signature Image Setup Checklist topic in the Help File.

Note:  If a check-writing software is used to print Payroll checks, use the Check Writing Software option within the Check Setup - Employees option to define the check setup(s).

 Steps to Add a Check Setup for Payees

 Steps to Change a Check Setup for Payees

 Steps to Delete a Check Setup for Payees

 Signature Image Setup Checklist