Signature Image Setup Checklist

Follow the steps below to have a signature that was scanned and saved as a file print on a check setup.

Tip:  If desired, view the tutorial below demonstrating the signature image setup.  In order to view the tutorial, you must have an active Internet connection, along with a sound card and speakers installed on your computer.

Signature Image Setup Tutorial

Step 1:  Obtain Signature

Tip:  Use a black, fine-tip marker when obtaining the signatures.  Also, position the blank sheet of paper over your current check stock while signing to help visualize the line spacing.

Step 2:  Scan Signature

Note:  The image can be saved in a secure location (path) on a computer or network or saved to a flash drive that is kept in a safe place when not in use.

Step 3:  Complete Applicable Fields in Check Setup

Step 4:  Print Checks with Signature