Entering Deduction Rates

Note:  Complete the steps below to include different rates for deductions (than what is currently defined in Payroll) when calculating in Negotiations.  The deductions for which new rates will be entered must be set up with a rate table.  If the applicable deductions are not currently set up with a rate table, convert the deductions at this time.

image\btn_mini.gif Steps to Convert to a Rate Table

  1. From the Negotiations screen, select the Maintenance menu and then Deduction Rates.

  2. At the Deduction Rates screen, click the New Record button.

Note:  For any field equipped with the repeat function, click the Repeat button or press the Ctrl+R keys to repeat the previous entry for the specified field.  The repeat function is only available after your initial entry.

  1. Enter the ID of the package for which to enter the new rates for deductions in the Package ID field, or click the down-arrow button to select the correct one.

  2. Enter the ID of the deduction for which to enter the rates in the Deduction ID field.  If the ID is not known, click the down-arrow button to select the correct one.

  3. If applicable, select the Exclude Deduction field to not include the specified deduction in the calculations in Negotiations for the particular package.  A checkmark will appear in the box if the field is selected.

  4. The standard rates (and new rates, if applicable) currently entered on the rate table in Payroll for the specified deduction appear in the Rate Table List.  For each rate for the deduction in which a different amount should be included in the calculations for the package in Negotiations, complete the following:

  1. Click the Save button.

  2. Repeat Steps 4-7 until all the new rates have been entered for the desired deductions for the specified package.