Inactivating Chart of Account Numbers

Note:  The following instructions are for inactivating a group of account numbers using the Inactivate Chart of Accounts option; if desired, an individual account number can be inactivated by removing the checkmark for the Active field within the Chart of Accounts File.

Note:  Active entries for an account number include:  1) unposted invoices and posted invoices not yet assigned a check number (and not voided); 2) unposted purchase orders and posted purchase orders with an outstanding balance (not cancelled); 3) unsubmitted requisitions and submitted requisitions that have not been cancelled or converted to purchase orders; 4) unposted manual journal entries; 5) unposted cash receipts; 6) unposted budget entries; 7) unposted pay period entries; 8) unposted employee absence entries; 9) unposted time card entries; 10) entries in an unposted payroll calculation batch; 11) unposted asset disposal entries; 12) unposted Account Receivable invoice entries (applicable for accrual basis only); and 12) unposted Accounts Receivable payment entries.

Tip:  To view the information for the active entries for an account number (including the batch type and batch description (or requisition number, if applicable)), generate the Chart of Account Numbers with Active Entries report.