Activity Log

The Activity Log option shows the date and time of both the last login and last completed activity in the School Accounting System (and Web Link, if applicable) for each user, and also whether a user is currently logged into the School Accounting System and/or Web Link, if applicable.  The Activity Log option also tracks the various options (screens) each user accessed within the School Accounting System (not including Web Link, if applicable) and errors received, and shows the activity and error history by date, time, and user.  Within the Activity Log option, the audit records tracked for record changes, additions, and deletions in all modules of the School Accounting System can also be viewed for a particular date range for selected users.

Steps to View Activity Log

Note:  If desired, view the tutorial below demonstrating how to utilize the Audit Data tab of the Activity Log.  In order to view the tutorial, you must have an active Internet connection, along with a sound card and speakers installed on your computer.

Audit Data Tutorial